Hawaii is a beautiful place to call home, but its popular “open air” lifestyle can really take a toll on building materials. The constant heat and humidity can present a particular challenge for common cabinet and casework materials, such as wood and laminate. Clients in the islands are seeking products with superior durability and improved longevity, but their market has often fallen short of providing what they are looking for. That’s why Element Designs has partnered with McKillican Hawaii to provide high-quality products to the entire state.

Element Designs has a vast network of distributors in the United States and Canada to provide customers with high quality aluminum, glass, and PARAPAN products. Until recently, however, Hawaii had no dealers offering its products. McKillican Hawaii is now an authorized distribution partner, bringing Element Designs’ product line to the high-end residential and commercial markets in Hawaii.

McKillican International, Inc. is a wholesale building material distributor, specializing in panel products, hardwood lumber, hardware, and architectural surfacing. McKillican Hawaii encourages a spirited “ever better” attitude and environment and is committed to making their customers, vendors, and stakeholders successful. The company’s passion for what they do runs high, fueling their growth for the past 39 years.

When Element Designs began looking for a partner for distribution of their products in Hawaii, they knew it had to be a company with an exceptional reputation. After extensive industry networking and market research, the company selected McKillican Hawaii as its ideal partner for the market. McKillican Hawaii will now have access to sell and distribute all Element Designs product lines.

McKillican Hawaii brings years of experience and strong customer relationships that will enable them to provide these quality products to their customer base. Kevin Creedon, Vice President of Sales at Element Designs, says, “We look forward to bringing our high quality products to the Hawaiian Islands with McKillican’s fine customer service.”

Element Designs continues to expand their network, forging new partnerships that allow its high quality materials to be distributed to new areas around the world. Now, McKillican Hawaii will have access to sell and distribute all Element Designs product lines. This partnership supplies Hawaii with high quality materials that are more applicable for open air environments. Element Designs is excited about this new partnership and is proud to call McKillican Hawaii their partner!

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