The design industry is buzzing with new trends on the heels of the Architectural Digest Design Show, a pinnacle event in the world of interior design. Every show brings a bevy of new design trends, and this year’s show did not disappoint. While some trends have fallen by the wayside, others showed their staying power to influence the way we create our spaces for years to come. This year’s trends were eye catching and comforting, yet playful.


Plain N Fancy

The first trend is the rise in popularity of hygge, the Danish concept of comfort. Warm metal finishes create an air of relaxation while maintaining a luxurious feeling. Stainless is no longer the standard. Faucets, cookware, and accent mirrors leverage brass and copper metals to create a polished look.

IMG_0909 2

Native Trails

Another trend seen that will never go out of style is clean, modern design. Unfussy surfaces and stark lines provide relief to an individual in an over-cluttered world with constant distractions. Sleek countertops and clean lines stand out in a modern room, allowing one to focus on to-do lists rather than clutter.

There’s something powerful about the trend of black and white displayed at this year’s show. Whether they appear together or separately, these elemental colors make a bold statement. The contrast of black and white is high-end, yet fun. Black adds an element of sophistication to any room, while natural white is a calming contrast.

A_Display Wall

Atlantic Plywood

Designers are going wild over neutrals with a pop of color, a trend that popped up again during the Design Show. These “pops” of color that appear in unexpected and unusual places pull together a room. Designers are adding bold red oven doors or even bright blue chairs to brighten up a space. From studio green to radicchio, designers and consumers alike are enjoying this playful and modern trend.

Let’s not forget another design trend appearing on all types of surfaces and materials. Geometric patterns are seen on kitchen islands, doors, backsplashes, and other surfaces. These patterns create an illusion that brings texture to any room. From floral patterns to wavy lines, geometric patterns brighten up an otherwise neutral decor and add a sense of fun to any design.

From furniture, accessories, lighting and art, to kitchen, bath, and building projects, the Design Show inspired with the latest industry trends, as the world’s leading design brands and top designers joined forces to show the world what’s hot this year.
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