Aluminum Frame Cabinet Doors

Profile Finish

  • onyx (black matte) (X)
  • black (B)
  • modern brass (MB)
  • luxe bronze (LB)
  • copper (CP)
  • arctic silver (AS)
  • gold (GLD)
  • graphite (GR)
  • natural aluminum (N)
  • bronze matte (BZM)
  • chalk (CK)

  • AF210 aluminum frame doors contain a front and back insert
  • Maximum width & height = 96” (2438.4mm)
  • Minimum width & height = 5.5” (140mm)
  • Maximum square footage = 16 sf
  • Contact Element Designs for dimensions exceeding recommended maximums.
  • AF210 door weight may require additional hinges. Please refer to hinge manufacturer's technical specifications for recommendations.
  • P3-42 Finger Pulls must be surface mounted on AF210 frame. (Can not be flush mounted with full glass overlay.)
  • Visit our Online Sample Store for more AF210 Samples
  • 4mm (.156”) with flat edge polish
  • Only available with opaque backpainted glass and mirror inserts on both front and back inserts.
  • Handle hole locations must be specified at time of order if insert is tempered glass