dECOMatte Thin Fronts & Surfaces

dECOMatte is a 12mm thin front smart surface that is made for cabinet door fronts, drawer fronts, counter tops and other vertical or horizontal applications. 

It is made of innovative FENIX material which is an ultra matte, anti-fingerprint, soft touch and completely opaque smart surface. dECOMatte is extremely durable and has thermal healing capabilities for superficial micro-scratches. Currently available in 4 colors.

Important note: As dECOMatte is a thinner 12mm material, it requires specific Blum thin front solutions for vertical applications. CLIP top hinges for cabinet doors, AVENTOS mounting plates for lift doors, and LEGRABOX brackets for drawer fronts.

Order your dECOMatte Samples HERE.

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Stone
  • White
  • Straight Pull for Thin Fronts