Glass Markerboards

eHOME Glass Markerboards combine durability, writability and simplicity for the highest quality glassboard product. Markerboards include magnetic and non-magnetic options. All markerboards are cut to our customers’ specifications with their choice of backpainted glass color. 

The magnetic glass board option adds functionality by having the benefit of a both a writeable and magnetic surface. Our in house design and fabrication capabilities also give our customers the ability to add custom designs such as maps, charts and logos.

Now offering accessories, including magnetic marker trays, a la carte accessories, and accessory kits.


  • aqua gloss
  • aqua matte
  • aqua writable matte
  • blush gloss
  • blush writable matte
  • bronze gloss
  • bronze writable matte
  • cream gloss
  • cream matte
  • mist gloss
  • mist matte
  • navy gloss
  • navy writable matte
  • sand gloss
  • sand writable matte
  • slate gloss
  • slate writable matte
  • white gloss
  • white writable matte
  • Download Now Non-Standard Color Options
  • Colors made to order
    Custom Color Gloss
  • Maximum size is 48” x 120”
  • Gloss or writable matte finish
  • Magnetic or non-magnetic option
  • All edges will be Flat Edge Polished
  • Custom designs and logos available
  • Our glass markers are recommended for use with either finish
  • Custom Colors require sample approval and fees may apply
  • Wall mounting hardware (Z-Clip) is included, unless otherwise specified
  • Magnetic markerboards can be used with Rare Earth magnets only
  • Accessories available HERE
  • Magnetic Markerboard Accessory Kit also available
  • Magnetic glass can be used as an insert to an aluminum frame door