Glass Markerboards

Our custom glass markerboards combine durability, writability and optional magnetization for a high quality, durable surface. The glass markerboards to our customers’ specifications with your choice of backpainted glass color. Magnetic glass boards add functionality with the addition of a magnetic surface. Our in house design and fabrication capabilities also give you the ability to add custom designs such as maps, charts and logos.

  • aqua gloss
  • arctic silver gloss
  • blush gloss
  • mocha gloss
  • mocha writable matte
  • olive gloss
  • olive writable matte
  • sand gloss
  • sand writable matte
  • silver gloss
  • silver writable matte
  • slate gloss
  • slate writable matte
  • white gloss
  • white writable matte
  • Download Now Non-Standard Color Options
  • Colors made to order
    Custom Color Gloss
  • magnetic marker board accessory kit
  • Maximum size is 48” x 120”
  • Gloss or writable matte finish
  • All edges will be Flat Edge Polished
  • Custom designs and logos available
  • Custom Colors require sample approval and fees may apply
  • Wall mounting hardware (Z-Clip) is included, unless otherwise specified
  • Magnetic markerboards can be used with Rare Earth magnets only
  • Magnetic Markerboard Accessory Kit also available
  • Magnetic glass can be used as an insert to an aluminum frame door