What does it mean to be green?
For a material or product to be considered green, it should have low impact on the environment and therefore favor environmentalism. Aluminum's inherently sustainable characteristics combined with the extrusion process make extruded aluminum the green building industry's material choice for now and future.
- Taken from the Aluminum Extruders Council.

  • Recycled Content - All of our glass inserts contain at least 20% post industrial recycled content and the architectural resin uses a high percentage of post industrial material.
  • Our aluminum products are manufactured using materials from regional suppliers thus reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Our aluminum products are exceptionally durable, have an extremely long lifetime and are virtually maintenance free.
  • No VOCs - None of our products contain VOC's. Our backpainted glass operation uses environmentally safe water based paint. Because no chemicals or toxins are released from our products, there is zero effect on indoor air quality.
  • Post Industrial Waste Recycling - All of the waste generated during our manufacturing operations (primary materials such as aluminum and glass) is recycled. The aluminum extrusion is taken to a local metal recycling facility. Unusable glass is reused in asphalt production.
  • Recyclability and Reusability - Our aluminum and glass materials are completely recyclable. Our aluminum doors can be reused rather than discarded by simply replacing components (new inserts for existing doors).
  • Reclamation - We offer a recycling service for all of our products once their useful life expires. Send your door product back to us to be completely and properly recycled.
  • Packaging Materials - Our corrugated edge wrapping, which protects our products in transit, is made of 100% recycled cardboard and our corrugated boxes have a high recycled content.
  • Company Recycling - It is very important for our company and our employees to divert waste from our landfills whenever possible. We recycle all cans, glass and plastic bottles, office paper, paper products and cardboard at our manufacturing facility in Charlotte, NC, thus reducing our carbon footprint. We actively promote the importance of environmental responsibility and are porud to sponsor a recycling center for our industrial park.