Sales Reps

Element Designs sales representatives are always available to provide sales and technical support to our customers.

Please feel free to contact a sales representative in your area with any questions regarding our products and your applications.

Bell Marketing

Territory: Southern California

Ron Bell

C: 714-349-2788

Derek Bell

C: 714-357-3958

Steve Orr

C: 626-665-4657

Bilmar Company

Territory: Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Western Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin

Bob Dwyer

C: 815-355-4200

Dennis Vercauteren

C: 815-341-0960

Gary Taeger

C: 630-743-9499

Logan Sewell

C: 740-403-2287

Blueridge Sales

Territory: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan

Howard Enros

C: 604-220-9498 , P: 604-990-1293

Bryco Sales Ltd.

Territory: Ontario

Bob Bryant

C: 416-722-5264

Element Designs Inc.

Territory: Quebec, Maritimes

Kevin Creedon

P: 704-467-5978

DC Sales & Consulting

Territory: Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee

David Conners

C: 404-218-9600

Element Designs Inc.

Territory: North Carolina, South Carolina, Southern Virginia

Kevin Creedon

C: 704-467-5978

Element Designs Inc.

Territory: Kansas

Kevin Creedon

C: 704-467-5978

Reyenga Enterprises

Territory: Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana

Colin Reyenga

C: 817-913-4609

Craig Reyenga

C: 817-913-4891

Element Designs

Territory: Arizona, New Mexico, Southern Nevada

Chris Dwyer

C: 602-469-9991

M & M Sales Inc

Territory: Washington DC, Delaware, Maryland, Eastern PA, Southern NJ, Western & Northern NY, Northern VA

Jon Mease

C: 484-357-9788 , P: 410-751-9762

Rob Stoll

C: 484-357-9787 , P: 215-541-4229

MarJon & Associates

Territory: Florida

Bob O'Shaughnessy

C: 305-219-0002 ,  P: 407-942-1328

John O'Shaughnessy III

C: 727-639-1329 ,  P: 727-789-3331

Mark Weiner

C: 954-444-2430 ,  P: 954-575-2112 

Matt Gilbert

Territory: Northern California and Northern Nevada

Matt Gilbert

C: 408-639-0603

Steve Toy

C: 408-529-3738

MKB Sales

Territory: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Northern New Jersey, NYC Metro, Southern Upstate New York, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont

Mike Bruton

P: 845-623-0484
(New York & New Jersey)

Ron Winde

C: 401-965-0074 , P: 401-921-2128
(New England)

Isakson Sales Ltd.

Territory: Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming

Duane Isakson

C: 720-244-6031

Triax Sales

Territory: Kentucky, Eastern Michigan, Ohio, Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia

David Tress

C: 330-301-2000

Jay Birindelli

C: 513-713-6480

WestCoast Associates

Territory: Oregon, and Washington

Taylor Groebner

C: 360-339-3137

Element Designs Inc.

Territory: Mexico, South America, Caribbean

Kevin Creedon

P: 704-467-5978

Element Designs

Territory: Hawaii, Alaska

Chris Dwyer

C: 602-469-9991

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