In an attempt to adapt to our current circumstances, many emergency acrylic shield deployments have helped provide protection for short-term daily transactional applications.

While this protection has been satisfactory to an extent, at Element Designs, we’re ready to provide a higher level of protection and anticipate a need for fixtures that are curated for similar protection purposes, but are more permanent installations that can stand the test of time.

Professionals, such as interior designers, millwork fabricators and more, need protection while enacting workplace distancing during this challenging time. Element Designs creates products using materials that will stand the test of time while retaining their functionality and beauty, which is a feat acrylic simply can’t achieve.

It’s time to move past the first round of protective screen dividers that flooded the market in 2020 and replace them with high-quality aluminum and glass products, which supplement lasting performance with a similar or better price point when compared to disposable and easily damaged acrylic solutions being predominantly used as temporary guards.

Perfecting the Craft

Viruses more commonly spread person to person, but it’s imperative we consider the materials we surround ourselves with in order to minimize potential bacterial or viral growth on surfacing substrates.

The next wave of protective shields should be capable of existing for longer periods of time without significant deterioration in quality or value. Element Designs takes pride in using premium quality materials that are highly durable and made in the USA. Our shields are environmentally friendly, as they don’t use petroleum-based acrylic materials, instead taking advantage of abundant raw materials with shorter lead times.

Our aluminum and glass panels offer greater aesthetic options to coordinate within interior spaces and superior materials that are easily cleanable, neutralizing and eliminating viral or bacterial growth and making them ideal as permanent shielding fixture solutions for environments where design and long term durability are necessary.

Protection that Lasts

Long-term value doesn’t have to equate with high cost. There is a sustainable product answer to temporary acrylic shields – rigid materials.

The cleanability of aluminum and tempered safety glass is vastly superior to acrylic, as it has polished edges. Anti-microbial characteristics play a role, too. Tempered glass provides a durable surface and enables creative designs to increase the value and sustainability of protective shields.

At Element Designs, we’re planning for the next phase of protection solutions in a way that provides more than temporary answers. To learn more, contact us today.