Podcast : Element Sessions


From design trends and styles, to modern materials and colors, these are the building blocks for the future of commercial and residential interiors. These are the elements of design we explore in Element Sessions.

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Element Sessions: Using Texture to Guide Design

Sight, scent, sound, taste, and touch: Of the five senses, we often overlook the powerful effects of touch. But at California Closets, the design team is putting texture at the forefront of their creations, using it to alter a space’s look, feel...


Element Sessions: Which Interzum Trends Will Head Across the Pond?

There is always a new interior design trend around the corner. Some designs last through the ages, while others fade away as fads; today we explore the ones that we think are going to have a lasting impact on the industry. On this episode of ...


Element Sessions: Answering the Age-Old Question of What is Contemporary Design

How do you nail down the definition of contemporary? Ask an expert like Suzanne DeRusha, president of Suzanne Kimberly Design. In this episode of ...


Element Sessions: Software is Transforming Every Step of Design for the Better

Technology has changed the way products work and look, but what is often overlooked is the technology that puts these products in front of a buying audience. For the woodworking, cabinet, furniture, and store fixture industries, the most...


Element Sessions: The Rise of "Resi-mercial" Design

Office spaces have long been attached to the stigma of being cold, grey rooms filled with an endless sea of cubicles. The design of office spaces today, though, is turning the idea that workspaces must be bland and sterile on its head. O...