The Artisan Shop Presents . . . Modern Materials!

There is a lot to know about the modern materials used for interior design, and it’s especially hard to keep up with what is current, and what materials can be used and where, as new materials are always being developed, and new styles are always emerging from designers around the world.

A great way to stay […]

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McKillican Hawaii Partners with Element Designs to Supply High Quality Cabinet and Casework Materials to the Islands

Hawaii is a beautiful place to call home, but its popular “open air” lifestyle can really take a toll on building materials. The constant heat and humidity can present a particular challenge for common cabinet and casework materials, such as wood and laminate. Clients in the islands are seeking products with superior durability and improved longevity, […]

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The Boldest Interior Design Trend: Leather

Leather is typically used to design bags, shoes, furniture, wallets and many other consumer goods. Now you can find leather in a new spot – in home décor. Leather can be found enhancing the ambiance of offices, hotels, restaurants, and homes. Leather as a design material is the latest trend […]

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Element Designs and California Closets: Transforming Spaces Together

Photo credit: California Closets

Element Designs is proud to have partnered with California Closets for the last seven years. The alliance has worked so well due to the fact that California Closets’ focus on the customer is precisely in line with our core values at Element Designs. For the second time in four years, […]

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PARAPAN® HighGloss Solid Surface Doors

Looking for a premium high gloss, solid surface door product? °element Designs’ beautiful PARAPAN® door and drawer fronts are custom manufactured and are available in 19 vibrant colors to coordinate with any design.

With a mirror-like reflective finish and integrated pull options for sleek design that’s UV and fade resistant, PARAPAN® is […]

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