2018 Trends: Mixed Metals In Every Room

We recently posted some advice on how to incorporate the popular use of mixed metals in the home. In addition to examining the how, it’s also interesting to take a look at the where, when it comes to this fun new trend.

Metal has been hot (in homes, that is) for many years, and the […]

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Addressing Trends In Buyer Behavior: The Design Showroom

Internet, unbelievably so, is still transforming how we live and creating revolutions in almost every aspect of the human experience. From their engagement in social relationships, to their approach to education and religious practices, to their buying attitudes and behaviors, today’s adults in every age group are radically different than the adults of even just […]

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Easy Guidelines For Getting Creative With Mixed Metals

Over the past three decades, the practice of mixing metals in home décor has evolved from a big no to a definite yes! There are many reasons to experiment with mixing metals—primarily because it’s a great way to get creative with the pieces in a room. The heterogeneous effect can add visual interest and depth […]

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Element Designs’ KBIS 2018 Highlights

KBIS 2018 in Orlando was the perfect place to present new products and new technology to give designers more opportunities to integrate contemporary aluminum, glass and acrylic doors, components and surfaces to your kitchen and bath designs! The show had many highlights for the Element Designs team. We’ve rounded them up here to celebrate the inspiration we […]

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VIDEO: Design Trends to Watch for in 2018

KBIS 2018 is behind us and the primary trends brought into focus throughout the industry are quickly spreading. The line between work and leisure is rapidly blurring as spaces are being created to emphasize experience. These “hybrid” spaces provide both the comfort of a living room and the professional tone of an office […]

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